The Amazing Race Canada – Why I’m Not Pinning My Hopes On It!

I am one helluva proud Canadian! I’m one of “those people” who is quick to tell people I’m Canadian when travelling outside the country! That being said, I have to admit that Canadian reality tv, in the main, really stinks! Though I promised myself I would watch it before I judged it, I’m already rolling my eyes at The Amazing Race Canada, which premiers tonight.

amazing race, canada

Why so negative? A crap-tastic history of Canadian reality tv that I thought tanked! From Big Brother Canada (which was THE worst reality tv show I’ve ever seen — and I’ve watched some bad ones!) to the first season of Top Chef Canada (though I have to admit the most recent season was a lot better because they appeared to closely adapt the US version). And Project Runaway Canada? Serious C-R-A-P!

While The Amazing Race Canada could step up to the plate and knock it out of the pack, I’m already leery.

In one of their press releases, they actually promoted the show by talking about how one set of contestants are gay cowboys! Are you kidding me?!?!?! In 2013, why would the fact that the people on this team are gay be newsworthy at all!?!?

body break, participationAnd one team is a pair of Canadian ‘celebrities’. I have to put that in quotes because I’m not sure what actually makes them celebrities other than the fact that they used to do these little “Body Break” segments on tv! Nonetheless, the fact that they were chosen bothers me in light of their ‘celebrity’ status. I’m sure they are a great team but if they weren’t ‘celebrities’ would they still have been chosen?

Add to all of these things, the fact that the host isn’t Phil (I heart Phil!) and the teams are only traveling across the country and not across the world makes it less interesting to me. I’ve seen lots of Canada but the original Amazing Race shows me part of the world I’ve never seen.

Oh, one other thing. Let’s face it. Canadians are well-known for being polite (in fact, I’ve learned over the years that it is a bit of a joke how polite we really are!). Horrible as it might sound, I like the drama between teams as they compete. Will there be any of it here?

So that’s why I’m not overly excited about The Amazing Race Canada. I hope the show proves me wrong1

[BUT, I have to tell you — if you like like contests as much as I do I would tune in! According to a recent press release there are an insane number of contests that are being tied to The Amazing Race Canada!]

The Amazing Race Canada premiers tonight (and will air on Mondays) at 9 p.m. and will also air TSN on Tuesdays at midnight.

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11 Responses to The Amazing Race Canada – Why I’m Not Pinning My Hopes On It!

  1. I watched a few episodes of AR and then got tired of it… but I was excited to see they are doing a Canadian version because I’d been thinking they should. My hubby likes reality shows and looked into applying a couple times, but they are limited to Americans. I’ll have to tell him it’s premiering tonight and see if he wants to watch (since The Voice has finished so we need something new to follow!).

  2. Shirley says:

    I was looking forward to it but your analysis about the other Canadian version makes sense. I hope this is the exception.

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    I love the US Amazing Race and I’m looking forward to watching this one tonight. My youngest daughter who is turning 22 is very put out that they aren’t travelling around the world and that they are confined to Canada. Me, I don’t mind that its all in Canada; maybe if this one goes well they will be able to spread their wings.

    I hope its good, I really hope so

  4. Teressa Bignell says:

    Unfortunately I have to agree with you. I’m watching it, but hoping that it doesn’t suck as bad as BB Can did (although BB US sucks worse because of the racists on there this season)

    • I totally agree with you on comment about BB US — it is awful! I’m actually in the process of writing a post about it because it is make me so mad (but that’s another story – tune in soon as I’m sure I’ll have it up)

  5. hmrcarlson says:

    I didn’t know that the contestants were just travelling around Canada. Although I adore our country, part of the appeal of the US Amazing Race is the exotic locales and the associated challenges it features. Not sure I’ll tune in now.

  6. hmrcarlson says:

    I read about the importance of treating stains before you wash the clothes.

  7. Soozle says:

    I sadly agree… The Canadian versions of shows always seem to flop. Canada’s NExt TOp Model? What a joke!

    I love our country, but I wish we would stop trying to recreate shows from other countries!!

  8. That’s one genre of television I actually don’t watch. Reality TV has never caught my attention.

  9. Judy C says:

    I am watching it and right now I am still on the fence about it. I just find that the Canadian versions are never as good, so we will see how it goes.

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