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Unsinkable: A Young Woman’s Courageous Battle on the High Seas

(There are days when I swear I live in a hole. Until I read Bonnie’s review, I didn’t know who Abby Sunderland was! What an amazing girl and an amazing-sounding autobiography! Thanks Bonnie – I’ve added to my “to read” … Continue reading

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Farley Mowat’s Autobiography: Eastern Passage

(There is nothing better, in my mind, then to get some time to read over the holidays. I love being able to choose Canadian authors as well! While I have read Mowat’s other autobiographical work – And No Birds Sang … Continue reading

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Chicken Soup for the Soul – O Canada: The Wonders of Winter (G!veaway – CANADA)

Winters are something else in Canada. While the part of the country I live in is not as much of the “Great White North” as some of my fellow Canadians (can you say Nunavut?) we do have to deal with … Continue reading

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Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens

(Note: I must admit I was surprised when I read Bonnie’s review. Though I studied many classic novels in university, including many books by Charles Dickens, I had never heard of Little Dorrit. I’m excited to find this novel and … Continue reading

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