T-fal’s Natura cookware is ROCKING my kitchen!

Sometimes I amaze myself at how I forget the most fundamental things and it takes a big kick in the butt to remember why I like something as much as I do! It’s somewhat embarrassing (that I forget as much as I remember over time) and the worst part is when I “re-remember”!

When I went to university my parents bought me a set of T-fal frying pans. And I LOVED them. I used them for years until I decided it was time to get something new. This is the point where I say, “DOH!” When I went shopping, I picked up a pan but never stopped to think about who made it (see why I’m saying DOH now?). I mean…all pans are the same right?


It took trying the new T-fal Natura for me to remember why I loved my T-fal pans so much and why I am NEVER going to forget it again (once I re-remember, I’m usually in pretty good shape!).

I was originally drawn to the Natura cookware line because I liked the fact that it is an eco-friendly line of cookware made with 100% recycled aluminum. These pans are said to be lightweight (which they are), naturally resistant (which they are, as I’ll explain in minute) and has a lifespan equal to comparable T-fal cookware. And they have the cutest polka-dot pattern on them as well (much cuter than my photo!).

My T-fal Natura pan has the cutest polka-dot pattern!

The Natura pan I received had the trademark Thermo-spot (which tells you when the pan has reached its ideal temperature) which made it easy to spot as a T-fal pan. And, when I started using it, the re-remembering kicked in because T-fal pans (including the Natura) have, literally, THE best non-stick coating I’ve ever seen in a pan! With my last frying pan (which didn’t last very long), though it claimed to be non-stick, I found that if I didn’t add oil, butter or oil spray, the food I would cooking would always stick.

My T-fal Natura pan? Not at all!

Notice the sticky bbq sauce on the sides of the pan?

The first thing I made was Pulled Pork Better Than a Taco (I’ll share that recipe later on!). With bbq sauce and cheese having direct contact with the pan, I thought was going to take a tonne of scrubbing.


Dish soap, a dish cloth and warm water, and 1 minute later it was clean!

It cleaned up easily (literally in less than a minute) with no scrubbing required!

Yummy! Sticky…but yummy…but sticky – oh my!

The next time I used it I was cooking some pork with hoisin sauce. Have you ever touched hoisin sauce? It is delicious but incredibly sticky. I think I was daring the pan to clean up easily. And it did! Again, not only did the sauce not stick to the pan but it only took a minute with some dish soap and a dish sponge to clean up the pan. I was amazed!

Since that time I’ve been making everything and anything in my Natura pan because I don’t have to worry about food sticking to the pan or a frustrating battle when cleaning up!

T-fal’s Natura is available exclusively at Walmart. The suggested retail prices are incredibly reasonable (20 cm pan for $13.97, 24 cm pan for $16.97 and 30 cm pan for $19.97).

So if you want a quality frying pan that’s also environmentally-friendly (and works incredibly well!) then check out T-fal Natura! I know I’m not going to forget this again!

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4 Responses to T-fal’s Natura cookware is ROCKING my kitchen!

  1. Soozle says:

    As a TFal gal myself – I am loving the sounds of this new line from them!

    I love the fact it’s a recycled product too – you can never go wrong there!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    We’ve purchased TFal pans for years and love them. Its actually about time for a new pan or two and this one looks perfect!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    August 5-I really like the Tfal pans too. It is so nice to be able to remove any leftovers so easily. I think the price is very reasonable as well.-el03ro

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