Good Things Grow in Ontario! #GCBB

Welcome to My Little Review Corner! I’m participating in the Great Canadian Blog Bash and, while you can learn all about me (and enter some giveaways for Canadians!) all over my site, I wanted to share something near and dear to me because I am so proud to live in Ontario!

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Growing up as a kid in Southwestern Ontario, I remember telling my parents that I wanted to see the world. As I grew older I realized that, while I did want to see the world, I also wanted to see what my beautiful province had to offer!

My favourite childhood memories come from family roadtrips across Ontario and a few great places that might be new to you!

tivoli London BridgeOne of my favourite places to visit was Tivoli in Vineland, Ontario (near Niagara Falls). This beautiful world of miniatures was simply fascinating! I remember standing beside the Eiffel Tower and sticking my head between the presidents in a scaled down version of Mount Rushmore! And I am so glad that we had this experience because, when I thought about taking the girls to see it, I realized that it had closed! (I now have this overwhelming urge to option my own miniature land, but that’s another story!)

Another favourite destination from my childhood? SantasVillage logoSanta’s Village of course! Unlike Tivoli, which took our family down towards the New York border, Santa’s Village was an amazing stop as we traveled into Northern Ontario.  You can find Santa’s Village right near the Muskoka River in Bracebridge. I remember how much I enjoyed feeding the animals, going on the rides and loving the fact that I believed this place was Santa’s summer home! Though I haven’t traveled in that direction since I was a child, I’d love to take the girls to see Santa’s Village some day!

Canadian Museum of Nature logoAnd trips across Ontario wouldn’t be complete without some great interactive museums! My favourite places growing up were the Canadian Museum of Nature that we visited on a road trip to Ottawa and the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto!

And my final great memory of family travel? Our visit to the 1000 Islands near Kingston! As a kid, I remember being in awe on a boat cruise of the 1000 islands because I was so excited at the idea that I was going to see more islands than I could count!

While I wanted to share these memories to remind you of all the great hidden treasures there are to see in Ontario (I myself would still like to take the Polar Bear Express train through a part of Northern Ontario that I have never seen!), it has also served as a reminder that there are so many places I want to show the girls.

Though we can travel far and wide – and I’m still a big fan of seeing the world – we shouldn’t forget some of the great experiences and attractions truly exist here — or, as the jingle states ~Good Things Grow in Ontario~!

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12 Responses to Good Things Grow in Ontario! #GCBB

  1. Kate says:

    Thank you. I’m from Ontario too, but I recently returned after living in Europe for almost 12 years. Thank you for reminding me of all the province has to offer.

  2. Tara Gauthier says:

    I loved visiting Santa’s village as a kid. Wishing I didn’t live in BC so could easily take my kids to all my favourite Childhood places.

  3. Thanks for the tour around, looks like fun! Happy Canada day!!

  4. Heidi C. says:

    Thanks for the fun memories! I remember visiting 1000 Islands, too, growing up – the boat trip & castle visit still stick with me! I haven’t visited some of the other places – I’ll have to, with my kids, some day!

  5. dangerousann says:

    Very cool! I used to take the train between Toronto and Montreal, and I remember it runs right past the 1000 islands. I always had to make sure I stayed awake for that part. Thanks for reminding me of some sights in my own backyard! I wonder what they did with the Tivoli miniatures? Are they in someone’s garage? ( #tgcbb)

  6. Jennifer says:

    I had heard of that miniature village but never went, I’m sad to hear it has closed! I have fond memories if Santa Claus Village though! Thanks for linking up with us again this year!

  7. sstacie says:

    We took our oldest to Santa’s Village when she was about 4 years old. I remember we went on her first roller coaster (kiddie one) and how much fun we had.

  8. leila says:

    1000 Islands was the place to be almost every summer of my childhood. Some great memories!

  9. Elva Roberts says:

    July 4- Thank you for telling those of us living outside Ontario about places in Ontario I had never heard about. Santa’s Village sounds delightful and I would like to visit there myself as well as your wonderful Musuems. -el03ro

  10. NPC says:

    I sang that jingle in my head. I love Ontario, there’s so much to do here. There’s so many places I still want to go! Thanks for participating in The Great Canadian Blog Bash and we are very happy to have you! #TGCBB

  11. yashymurphy says:

    You are so right that we tend to think of travel as not being local but there’s so much to do in Ontario! I plan to spend the rest of the summer exploring Ontario with a baby on the hip!!

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